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Nexon America has established Maplestory 2, a Maple M Mesos match based on 13 years' endurance game'Maple Story', providing optimized live services for local players. We have also partnered with'First Strike Games' and are currently preparing to get an unlisted game.

There are approximately 200 people working in the Nexon Group. Around 200 people work in North America, Europe, South America and Oceania. He's also focusing on sourcing new IPs by researching development organizations in the western region. Nexon's service system can be dedicated to Nexon America, and its localization company is moving to mobile.

Nexon America has been doing business in the western region for 13 years because it was instituted in 2005, it's becoming an example of the industry becoming a thriving example of monetization of powerful parts on earth. It also makes a list of 130,000 concurrent customers with'Maple Story' and sells Nexon prepaid cards in the US market. A lot has been done by me. Nexon America will continue to invest in many different development companies to keep pace with the changing marketplace and stay ahead of the F2P pioneer at the North American sector. Through solid and transparent communication with customers, we're focusing on strengthening the Nexon brand.

As of 2018, it contributes 16% of Nexon's overall sales based on the Japanese subsidiary and concentrates on steadily servicing a variety of Nexon games in the global industry.

MapleStory is a worldwide game with over 170 million members in 60 countries around the world. In December 2010, the number of concurrent users in North America attained 136,000, which makes it the hottest online game. It was the first successful part-paying game one of Nexon games, and it was introduced through numerous foreign businesses. Back in April 2018, we held that the 13th anniversary occasion'Maple Story Fest' in Hollywood and gave a location to the fans' support.

August 2008 Start of Global Service'Mabinogi' is a unique gameplay that enhances individual style and social solidarity. Proving the chance of a new generation of life style RPG in the North American sector. Especially, localized contents such as Halloween Day occasion and Thanksgiving Day, carefully planned according to local culture, have been loved by North American users for a long time.

It provides a physics environment that interacts Maplestory 2 Mesos buy with monsters and surrounding objects, and gives a different sort of action play which has not been experienced in present online games. It is a game which has won fame for'2010 Korea Game Grand Prix', and it obtained a favorable reception in'Gamescom 2011' which is the largest game exposition in Europe in 2011.

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